How To Get Clear Skin

How to get clear skin
When we reach a certain age, it can sometimes be accompanied by those annoying pimples. Acne
affects about 80% of people aged 11 to 30. It is most common in females aged 14 to 17 and males
aged 16 to 19. It usually disappears when people reach their 20s. However, in some cases, it does
still affect older people, 20 and above.
Acne is a very common skin condition that is described as comedones, which are blackheads and
whiteheads. Another characteristic of acne are the pus-filled spots (pustules). The skin condition
usually starts at the onset of puberty (or earlier). Some people only get the occasional spot, whereas
some have a more severe case of acne on the face, neck, chest and back. Acne can be a significant
problem, especially to young people, as it affects self-confidence. The ‘popping’ or scratching of
spots can leads to scarring, which is hard to resolve.
Acne usually appears as a mixture of oily skin, whiteheads, red spots, yellow pimples filled with pus.
The affected area can sometimes feel painful and hot. For most people, acne tends to clear up by
itself, for others it can be a persistent problem. Currently, there is no ‘cure’ for acne. However, there
are many ways to prevent the formation of new spots or resolve the scarring problem, using
medication and natural solutions.
What causes acne?
Essentially, acne starts when the pores in your skin get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Each
pore is connected to a sebaceous gland, which produces an oily substance called sebum. This extra
sebum can plug up pores, causing the growth of a bacteria known as P. acnes. The white blood cells
attack P. acnes, leading to skin inflammation and acne.
Like most medical conditions, there is not a one size fits all. There are many different factors that can
contribute to acne. Acne can run in families but in most cases it sporadic.
Hormonal changes, such as during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy can lead to acne in women.
There is no specific evidence that states that a diet high in saturated fats/processed foods causes
acne. However, a healthy diet will always be recommended.
How can acne be treated?
For mild to severe acne, there are several treatments available to buy. Some of these include:
 Topical treatments, i.e. those that are applied directly to the skin
 Oral antibiotics, i.e. tablets taken by mouth
 Isotretinoin capsules
Topical treatments
Topical treatments such as Duac can be applied straight to the skin. Duac gel contains two medicines
clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide. DUAC ONCE DAILY GEL belongs to a group of medicines known as
‘anti-acne preparations’.
DUAC ONCE DAILY GEL is used for treating mild to moderate acne on your skin.
 Clindamycin is an antibiotic which stops the bacteria involved in acne from reproducing.

 Benzoyl peroxide reduces blackheads and whiteheads. It also kills the bacteria involved in
acne. Used together in DUAC ONCE DAILY GEL, these work by:
 Fighting the bacteria that can cause acne
 Treating existing blackheads, whiteheads, and spots
 Lowering the number of red, inflamed acne spots DUAC ONCE DAILY GEL is for use by adults
and adolescents aged twelve years or over.
You can safely buy DUAC online at You need to go through an online
consultation with a medical doctor before your order will be supplied, this is subject to approval. The
online consultation will ensure that it is the right medication for your medical condition.
Oral antibiotics e.g. Minocin and Oxytetracycline
Minocycline, the active ingredient in MINOCIN MR, is a tetracycline antibiotic used in the treatment
of acne. Acne results from clogging of skin pores. In its mildest form this causes whiteheads and
blackheads. If these become infected, spots appear. MINOCIN MR reduces the infection and allows
the spots to heal.
The usual dose is one capsule every day. For elderly patients, your doctor will advise if any dosage
reduction is required. MINOCIN MR should be taken at the same time(s) each day. MINOCIN MR
should be swallowed whole with a drink of water. The capsules should be taken while you are sitting
or standing. They should not be sucked or chewed
You can safely buy Minocin online at You need to go through an online
consultation with a medical doctor before your order will be supplied, this is subject to approval. The
online consultation will ensure that it is the right medication for your medical condition.
Oxytetracycline is a tablet that is utilized as a part of the proficient treatment of different conditions.
However, it is utilized as a part of treating skin inflammation vulgaris and rosacea episodes and
leaves a smoother looking skin. It is classified under antibiotic medication anti-microbial. It is
demonstrated to help reduce irritation caused by skin inflammation. So, it likewise decreases
It works by constraining the capacity of microscopic organisms to duplicate by halting their capacity
to deliver proteins. This proficiently treats disease, lessens irritation of the skin’s sebaceous organs
and mends the rest of the skin inflammation leaving clearer skin.
The dynamic fixing chemical is known as Oxytetracycline dihydrate. It goes for microscopic
organisms called Propionibacterium Acnes which is associated with skin break out contaminations.
You can safely buy Oxytetracycline online at You need to go through an online
consultation with a medical doctor before your order will be supplied, this is subject to approval. The
online consultation will ensure that it is the right medication for your medical condition,
Some self-care tips to deal with acne
 Be careful not to pick or squeeze spots – this can aggravate them and may cause scarring.

 Cleanse skin daily (not more than twice a day as this can irritate the skin) and remove all
make up. It is best to use oil-free products. (It is important to note that acne is not caused by
not washing the skin)
 Use make-up products that are oil-free or water-based. There are currently some products
that are labelled as ‘non-comedogenic’ or ‘non-acnegenic’
 It is important to deal with acne as soon as it appears. There are some over-the-counter
products, such as benzoyl peroxide, that can be used in the first instance.
 Some sources state that fast foods and chocolate contribute to acne. There is little evidence
to support this but it is important to have a balanced diet, with plenty of fresh fruit and
 Wash hair regularly and avoid hair getting onto your face
 Exercise can help to boost confidence but be sure to wash after sweating immediately as
sweat can aggrevate acne
 Zinc supplements have been shown to reduce inflammation
 Tea tree oil has been used as a natural remedy for acne for many years. Tea tree oil is very
potent, so it should be diluted with water before using straight on the skin
 Witch Hazel, which contains tannis, is said to have strong antibacterial and anti-
inflammatory properties
 The hormones released in stress may cause an extra release of sebum. Stress has been
shown to cause a prolonged healing time for acne. It is important to reduce stress using
techniques that promote relaxation.
When to see a doctor
If none of these control your acne, or it begins to affect your happiness, then speak to your GP as
soon as possible. See your GP if you develop nodules or cysts as these need to be treated properly.
Treatments can take up to 3 months to work but the success rate is usually quite high, so don’t give
up, it’s usually about finding the product that works best for you. Further information can be
provided by our pharmacist at
Written by Ebun Lufadeju (MPharm)

How To Handle Back Pain

How to handle back pain
If you have ever suffered from pain or discomfort in your back then you are not alone. According to
reports from the NHS, at least 8 in 10 people in the UK will experience some sort of back pain during
their lifetime. Statistics show that back pain affects people mainly under the age of 45. It is often not
indicative of a serious medical condition and in most cases can be treated at home.
What is back pain?
There are two types of back pain, acute back pain – lasting a few days to four weeks and chronic
back pain, lasting between four and twelve weeks.
The four main locations of back pain are:
• Neck
• Upper back
• Middle back
• Lower back
The pain can be sharp or dull and can range from a mild sensation to a severe and agonizing feeling.
Sometimes, it will radiate from a certain point or have a shooting sensation. People who experience
back pain may find it affecting their everyday movements and activities, such as discomfort while
sleeping or difficulty rotating the spine or the neck. Because of this, back pain can quickly become a
stressful and frustrating experience. Staying in bed can worsen symptoms of back pain, so it is very
important to look into ways of alleviating back pain.
Triggers and prevention of back pain
Education is a great way to prevent occurrences of back pain. Understanding how to relieve and
prevent back pain is critical. Some of the common triggers of back pain include:
• Poor posture when sitting at your desk or watching TV
• Wearing high heels for long periods
• Incorrectly lifting heavy objects – Be sure to bend only at the knees, hold the object close to your
body, and straighten the legs while changing the position of your back as little as possible.
• Sleeping in uncomfortable positions – You should have a mattress that keeps your spine straight
and supports the weight of your shoulders and buttocks.
• Smoking – A higher percentage of back pain sufferers are smokers. Quitting smoking can reduce
the incidence of back pain
• Being overweight – Regular exercise – this can build strength and control body weight. A controlled
diet – a diet high in vitamin D and calcium are needed for healthy bones
• Standing for long periods, with incorrect posture
• Structural problems such as ruptured disks, sciatica or arthritis

Treatments and pain relief
Back pain pills are often a sought out way of relieving back pain. Most acute back pain gets better on
its own, with resting at home for a few weeks – (bed rest is not recommended, be sure to keep
moving while at home). However, this alone might not work for everyone, as each person has a
different tolerance and experience of pain. Therefore, back pain medication may need to be used.
Luckily, there are some preventative methods to consider to avoid experiencing back pain. Regular,
low-impact exercise such as swimming, Pilates, weight training or yoga are great ways to stretch and
build your muscles to support your back properly. You should always maintain the correct posture
when lifting and sitting at a computer. It is also recommended to rise and stretch regularly if you
work long hours in front of a computer screen. Simple adjustments such as these can drastically
reduce episodes of experiencing back pain and the back pain will get better with time.
Physical therapy should not be disregarded, applying heat, ice and electrical stimulation can relieve
back pain. A physiotherapist may provide specific techniques that will further help to alleviate back
However, if you do start to feel discomfort, there are easy ways to relieve your back pain. Most pain
can be controlled with over the counter pain relief pills. Online pharmacies, such as, provide these over the counter treatment dispatched to your home.
Paracetamol is highly recommended for many variations of pain relief, as is ibuprofen and naproxen,
which are both Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Click here to view a full description
of all pain relief products available. Pain that does not respond to these over the counter medication
may need prescription NSAID medication.
Topical creams containing NSAIDs can also provide relief, these can be bought from online
pharmacies, such as
Drugs that contain opioids may be used for pain that does not respond to NSAIDs. Narcotics such as
codeine and hydrocodone can be used for short periods. However, these require monitoring from a
doctor as they cannot be used for long periods.
Low doses of antidepressants, such as amitriptyline, have been shown to provide some relief for
chronic back pain.
Surgery is usually reserved for those with pain related to structural problems.
Several alternative therapies can be explored, such as massages, acupuncture and transcutaneous
electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy.
When to see a doctor
However, if your back pain is severe, chronic, lasting longer than a few days, it's important to see a
doctor to check whether any underlying medical conditions may need to be treated. Be sure to see
your doctor if you have to use medication for more than three months. It may be that a doctor has
to perform an X-ray or MRI scan, to determine whether broken bones or arthritis may be the cause
of the back pain. Although, these measures won’t show if there are problems with your spine. Other
tests, such as blood tests or bone scans can also further determine any underlying causes.
Ensure that you seek medical help if you experience fever, unexplained weight loss, numbness in
legs, physical weakness or if you have experienced the back pain after an injury or fall.

Suffering from back pain can be an unsettling and frustrating experience. Preventative measures and
pain relief pills can help you take back control. Visit to access effective pain
relief pills. An easy, fast and effective solution when you need it the most. Please speak to your
doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions about your back pain or any of the medication.
How to Handle Back Pain
Written by Eliza Harris
Checked by Ebun Lufadeju (MPharm)

5 Ways To Kick Start Your Weight Loss Journey

5 ways to kick start your weight loss journey
Losing weight is never the same for everybody.
How does one lose weight? It’s a topic that we will never stop speaking about, with the introduction
of new ‘fad diets’ to the market every day. For some, the weight loss journey is an annual place they
visit, e.g. a new year’s resolution to try and ‘lose weight’. Weight loss can be linked to a cosmetic
issue, such as the desire to fit into a new pair of jeans that are two sizes too small. However, this
should not be the main reason to pay attention to your weight. Being overweight can put you at a
higher risk of heart disease and stroke. People who are obese are more likely to develop high blood
pressure and five times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. The impact of obesity does not only
affect health but it is also a financial issue, costing the NHS over £6 billion in 2014-15.
Weight loss in medical terms is referred to as a loss of total body mass, including body fluid or body
fat. Intentional weight loss is more commonly referred to as ‘slimming’. The stomach is where we
store hormones and also where insulin resistance takes place, making it probably the toughest place
of the body to tone.
Although there are many examples of losing weight quick schemes, such as no carb diet, keto diet,
intermittent fasting, weight loss pills to name a few. Many find it hard to start the actual weight loss
process, leading to the point that we have to ask sometimes, is it harder to start the journey than to
finish? So what is the best way to lose weight? There is no one-trick pony or one size fits all. Here,
we explore ways that will make starting your journey much easier.

Five ways to kick start your weight loss

1. Change your mindset
Losing weight is not only about the physical but it also includes having the mental capacity
and will power towards the weight loss goal.
The first question to ask is: why are you eating more than you need to? Many times, not all,
is weight gain is linked to emotional eating. You can eat to fill a space that feels
psychologically empty. However, the ‘space’ never actually gets full, but it leaves your
stomach physically fuller.
To be healthy, it takes more than a week of dieting. Body fat must be shed and kept off and
it takes having the right mindset to do so.
2. Reduce and monitor your calorie intake
For some, weight loss equates to suddenly stopping eating. This is neither healthy nor
feasible. Losing weight does not mean cutting out your calorie intake completely and living
off fruits and vegetables. You can still eat all the foods you like but simply going for the
smarter option, foods that taste just as nice but with fewer calories.

Get to know slow-release carbs
Certain foods high in refined sugar can cause an immediate rise in sugar energy levels, this is
followed by a sudden dip in the energy levels. What happens is that your tolerance
increases, this means that along the line, you will need more sugar to get that same high you
once had. Many people wonder why they get so tired all of a sudden. If you start your day
on a ‘high’ with lots of chocolate and sweets, be prepared for the ‘low’ that will follow.
Switching to slow-release carbs will ensure that energy levels are maintained for longer and
can be more reachable than a crash diet.
There is some evidence to suggest that green tea increases your metabolic rate, helping you
burn those calories faster. Also, it’s packed full of nutrients and antioxidants to boost the
immune system and improve overall health.
Get used to swapping
Swap bacon and croissants for porridge or eggs, which are great breakfast options. Some
other great breakfast swaps include semi-skimmed milk instead of whole milk and black
coffee instead of latte with milk. For lunch or dinner swap your white rice for bulgar wheat
and French fries for sweet potatoes.
These lifestyle swaps will help with keeping the weight off while still enjoying your favourite
Portion control
After swapping for tasty, lower calorie alternatives. It’s also important to control portions.
You can have your favourite foods but you must be aware of how many calories that our
favourite foods contain. The much loved Coke can easily be swapped with diet coke – which
has a whopping zero calories!
3. Try weight loss pills
There are many different solutions to weight loss on the market now. This includes pills and
natural supplements, which all claim to help you lose weight.
The weight loss drugs work through various mechanisms, including:
Appetite reduction – Making you feel full so that you eat fewer calories
Absorption reduction – Making you take in fewer calories
Increased fat burning – making you burn more calories
 The weight loss pill Orlistat, (also known as Xenical and available in smaller dosages under
the name Alli), works by acting on the fat in the foods that you consume. It prevents
approximately a third of the fat from your food from being absorbed. This undigested fat is
then eliminated from the body. This process prevents you from gaining the weight from the
fat that would otherwise have remained in the body.

 The weight loss pill Mysimba works by changing the relationship your metabolism and brain
has with food. It aids with reducing your appetite levels, reducing your desire to eat, and
curbing your cravings. In this way, you can reassess when and how much you want to eat.
This weight loss pill is designed for people who suffer from portion control, stress or anxiety
related eating habits. When taking Mysimba, you are taking back control of exactly what and
when you eat.
Orlistat and Mysimba are designed for adults over the age of 18, with a body mass index
(BMI) of 30 or over and available for purchase from They are the most
effective when combined with an exercise routine and a healthy, balanced diet.
4. Boost your metabolism
Studies show that green tea successfully increases your metabolism. Green tea contains
caffeine, which is a potent metaboliser. Studies show that caffeine can increase fat burning.
Other ways to increase your metabolism include eating plenty of protein, drinking cold
water and most importantly, getting a good night’s sleep – which can easily be disregarded
in the social media age that we are in today.
Aerobic activities, such as walking, cycling, and swimming are all effective ways to burn
calories. To lose weight, you would likely have to do more than 150 minutes a week.

5. Keep the weight off
According to statistics from the NHS, in the last year, 10,660 reported admissions to hospital
were directly linked to obesity. However, every year, people decide to tackle their weight
and work to make their goals a reality. With a focused exercise program and a healthy
balanced diet, it is entirely possible for you to make that happen. Often the biggest
contributing factor for losing weight can be having the correct support and motivation by
your side. With your doctors’ guidance, if you need a little extra support on your journey,
there are weight loss pills that can assist you. You can order them easily and discreetly at the
online pharmacy Your new weight loss journey can begin as easily as a
single click.
Written by Eliza Harris
Checked by Ebun Lufadeju (MPharm)

5 ways to grow your hair

Do you wish you had longer hair? Maybe not longer but overall, healthier hair? In this article, you will learn 5 different ways to grow your hair. Your hair is sensitive, many things, including the ways that we treat it, will have an effect on your hair. From supplements to hair loss pills, there are many ways to increase hair growth.

Hair loss is very common in both males and females but can sometimes be worrying and upsetting for some. There are some types of hair loss that can be helped with treatment. For example, 90% of males find modern treatments to help reduce or stop Male Pattern Baldness.

1. Eating a balanced diet
The foods that you eat play a vital role in the strength, growth and volume of your hair, eating a balanced diet isn’t just great for you body but for your hair also. For example, biotin a well known mineral found in some foods, is known to promote hair growth.

Biotin, a mineral found in foods such as:
* eggs
* fish
* Nuts & seeds
* Dairy
* Sweet potato
* Liver and other meats

These foods are rich in biotin as well as other vitamins that will help you grow out your hair. Biotin also helps to produce energy from the foods we eat, makes our skin healthier, and regulates blood sugar and many more.

Your body will only use what it needs, trying to eat loads of foods that contain biotin won’t make any difference! So eat as normal, make tweaks in your diet here and there to ensure you’re getting your biotin.

2. Living a stress free life
This has got to be the hardest tip of all, there are so many things that stress us out in our everyday lives, from our jobs, working long hours, family, finances, bereavement, traffic, job interviews, meetings, the list is endless.

Our body changes when we are under stress. The hormones released during stress (adrenaline and cortisol, known as stress hormones), constrict blood vessels and you begin to breathe faster in order to get oxygenated blood to travel to your essential organs. Your hair is not an essential organ therefore blood is being diverted to other organs when under stress e.g. the heart, brain, kidneys or lungs.

Not being worked up all the time is essential for healthy hair growth. So relax from time to time, take a break and do something you enjoy, have some ‘me time’ every now and again.

3. Treat your hair nicely
Just like you should your body, treat your hair nicely. Massage your head and scalp sometimes! Besides improving blood flow, it’s an act of self care. It’s a relaxing technique and when done consistently, your hair can grow, you can’t lose.

Sleeping on a silk pillow case is also known to help your hair, perfect consistency, it’s not too rough and our hair loves it, plus it’s comfortable. All that tossing and turning we do increases frizz and it’s rough on our hair. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is also known to reduce tangling and damage. An alternative will be to wrap your hair in a silk scarf, it will keep your hair in place and protect it from rubbing.

4. Washing and conditioning
Washing your hair keeps it clean and will help you to have a healthier scalp, a healthy scalp is fundamental in having your hair grow. Your scalp produces oils that cause breakage and split ends, simply washing your hair will remove these oils.

Washing your hair every day is not necessary, sometimes your hair needs to be left alone, and that’s another point on its own! Spend less time doing your hair and let it be once in a while. About your shampoo, there is an ongoing debate that has been going on for decades, about shampoos whether sulphate-containing shampoo are harmful for your hair, some say yes some say no. It is known to be harmful to certain types of hair and cause skin irritation, especially for people who have sensitive skin. Find a shampoo that works for you, do your research and ask around.

Many people have moved on to create their own shampoo and have seen changes in their hair, this is something you can try. Things like coconut oil, peppermint and essential oils are used to make shampoo, there are hundreds of recipes online.

Moving on to conditioning, conditioner works by making your hair smooth, shiny looking and feeling great, It is suggested to use after washing your hair. How often you condition your hair depends on the texture of your hair, if you have greasy hair you may not need to condition it too often. For those with dry hair, condition more often.

5. Hair loss pills that help with growth
Taking additional supplements may not be necessary as the vitamins needed for hair growth come from the food we eat. Before one considers supplements, they must take into account any illnesses they have or medications they take as certain medications cause hair loss (e.g. steroids and thyroid medications).

Some supplements may not cause hair to grow but will make hair healthy and shiny. Vitamin A, B, C and D – all fundamental for hair growth. If you can’t get these vitamins through your diet, consider vitamin tablets. Ouai – well known hair supplement, include green tea, biotin and nacin, which all helps with hair growth. One pill for 90 days will give you longer and stronger hair.

Finasteride (Propecia) – Some men produce a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes hair follicles to shrink and eventually cause hair loss, finasteride stops the production of this hormone. It is used mostly by men compared to women and proven to be the most effective treatment for male baldness.

You can safely buy Finasteride online at My Doctor Now. You need to go through an online consultation with a medical doctor before your order will be supplied, this is subject to approval. The online consultation will ensure that it is the right medication for your medical condition.

So there you have it, 5 ways that you can grow your hair. Whether your hair is long, medium or short, take care of your hair, good hair makes us feel confident in ourselves and proud. Of course, do some more research, look at different products to, there’s loads of information out there and endless amounts of products that you can try.

Written by Ebun Lufadeju (MPharm)