How To Get Clear Skin

How to get clear skin
When we reach a certain age, it can sometimes be accompanied by those annoying pimples. Acne
affects about 80% of people aged 11 to 30. It is most common in females aged 14 to 17 and males
aged 16 to 19. It usually disappears when people reach their 20s. However, in some cases, it does
still affect older people, 20 and above.
Acne is a very common skin condition that is described as comedones, which are blackheads and
whiteheads. Another characteristic of acne are the pus-filled spots (pustules). The skin condition
usually starts at the onset of puberty (or earlier). Some people only get the occasional spot, whereas
some have a more severe case of acne on the face, neck, chest and back. Acne can be a significant
problem, especially to young people, as it affects self-confidence. The ‘popping’ or scratching of
spots can leads to scarring, which is hard to resolve.
Acne usually appears as a mixture of oily skin, whiteheads, red spots, yellow pimples filled with pus.
The affected area can sometimes feel painful and hot. For most people, acne tends to clear up by
itself, for others it can be a persistent problem. Currently, there is no ‘cure’ for acne. However, there
are many ways to prevent the formation of new spots or resolve the scarring problem, using
medication and natural solutions.
What causes acne?
Essentially, acne starts when the pores in your skin get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Each
pore is connected to a sebaceous gland, which produces an oily substance called sebum. This extra
sebum can plug up pores, causing the growth of a bacteria known as P. acnes. The white blood cells
attack P. acnes, leading to skin inflammation and acne.
Like most medical conditions, there is not a one size fits all. There are many different factors that can
contribute to acne. Acne can run in families but in most cases it sporadic.
Hormonal changes, such as during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy can lead to acne in women.
There is no specific evidence that states that a diet high in saturated fats/processed foods causes
acne. However, a healthy diet will always be recommended.
How can acne be treated?
For mild to severe acne, there are several treatments available to buy. Some of these include:
 Topical treatments, i.e. those that are applied directly to the skin
 Oral antibiotics, i.e. tablets taken by mouth
 Isotretinoin capsules
Topical treatments
Topical treatments such as Duac can be applied straight to the skin. Duac gel contains two medicines
clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide. DUAC ONCE DAILY GEL belongs to a group of medicines known as
‘anti-acne preparations’.
DUAC ONCE DAILY GEL is used for treating mild to moderate acne on your skin.
 Clindamycin is an antibiotic which stops the bacteria involved in acne from reproducing.

 Benzoyl peroxide reduces blackheads and whiteheads. It also kills the bacteria involved in
acne. Used together in DUAC ONCE DAILY GEL, these work by:
 Fighting the bacteria that can cause acne
 Treating existing blackheads, whiteheads, and spots
 Lowering the number of red, inflamed acne spots DUAC ONCE DAILY GEL is for use by adults
and adolescents aged twelve years or over.
You can safely buy DUAC online at You need to go through an online
consultation with a medical doctor before your order will be supplied, this is subject to approval. The
online consultation will ensure that it is the right medication for your medical condition.
Oral antibiotics e.g. Minocin and Oxytetracycline
Minocycline, the active ingredient in MINOCIN MR, is a tetracycline antibiotic used in the treatment
of acne. Acne results from clogging of skin pores. In its mildest form this causes whiteheads and
blackheads. If these become infected, spots appear. MINOCIN MR reduces the infection and allows
the spots to heal.
The usual dose is one capsule every day. For elderly patients, your doctor will advise if any dosage
reduction is required. MINOCIN MR should be taken at the same time(s) each day. MINOCIN MR
should be swallowed whole with a drink of water. The capsules should be taken while you are sitting
or standing. They should not be sucked or chewed
You can safely buy Minocin online at You need to go through an online
consultation with a medical doctor before your order will be supplied, this is subject to approval. The
online consultation will ensure that it is the right medication for your medical condition.
Oxytetracycline is a tablet that is utilized as a part of the proficient treatment of different conditions.
However, it is utilized as a part of treating skin inflammation vulgaris and rosacea episodes and
leaves a smoother looking skin. It is classified under antibiotic medication anti-microbial. It is
demonstrated to help reduce irritation caused by skin inflammation. So, it likewise decreases
It works by constraining the capacity of microscopic organisms to duplicate by halting their capacity
to deliver proteins. This proficiently treats disease, lessens irritation of the skin’s sebaceous organs
and mends the rest of the skin inflammation leaving clearer skin.
The dynamic fixing chemical is known as Oxytetracycline dihydrate. It goes for microscopic
organisms called Propionibacterium Acnes which is associated with skin break out contaminations.
You can safely buy Oxytetracycline online at You need to go through an online
consultation with a medical doctor before your order will be supplied, this is subject to approval. The
online consultation will ensure that it is the right medication for your medical condition,
Some self-care tips to deal with acne
 Be careful not to pick or squeeze spots – this can aggravate them and may cause scarring.

 Cleanse skin daily (not more than twice a day as this can irritate the skin) and remove all
make up. It is best to use oil-free products. (It is important to note that acne is not caused by
not washing the skin)
 Use make-up products that are oil-free or water-based. There are currently some products
that are labelled as ‘non-comedogenic’ or ‘non-acnegenic’
 It is important to deal with acne as soon as it appears. There are some over-the-counter
products, such as benzoyl peroxide, that can be used in the first instance.
 Some sources state that fast foods and chocolate contribute to acne. There is little evidence
to support this but it is important to have a balanced diet, with plenty of fresh fruit and
 Wash hair regularly and avoid hair getting onto your face
 Exercise can help to boost confidence but be sure to wash after sweating immediately as
sweat can aggrevate acne
 Zinc supplements have been shown to reduce inflammation
 Tea tree oil has been used as a natural remedy for acne for many years. Tea tree oil is very
potent, so it should be diluted with water before using straight on the skin
 Witch Hazel, which contains tannis, is said to have strong antibacterial and anti-
inflammatory properties
 The hormones released in stress may cause an extra release of sebum. Stress has been
shown to cause a prolonged healing time for acne. It is important to reduce stress using
techniques that promote relaxation.
When to see a doctor
If none of these control your acne, or it begins to affect your happiness, then speak to your GP as
soon as possible. See your GP if you develop nodules or cysts as these need to be treated properly.
Treatments can take up to 3 months to work but the success rate is usually quite high, so don’t give
up, it’s usually about finding the product that works best for you. Further information can be
provided by our pharmacist at
Written by Ebun Lufadeju (MPharm)