Opioid Policy

Our Opioid Painkiller Policies

Opioid painkillers, for example, codeine, dihydrocodeine (you can purchase dihydrocodeine here), tramadol, co-codamol and co-dydramol, can be addictive and SQ Invest Ltd (www.mydoctornow.co.uk) needs to guarantee that they are being used appropriately. Thus, SQ Invest Ltd (www.mydoctornow.co.uk) adheres to the guidelines below:

Just a single kind of opioid painkiller will be provided to a client at any one time.

For the doctor to issue a prescription you will have to provide detailed description of your condition. For instance, should you simply enter ‘pain’ as a symptom or reason to be prescribed the opioid, your request might be deferred or completely rejected.

There is a maximum number of tablets/caplets/containers that will be prescribed for a client in any one request. SQ Invest Ltd (www.mydoctornow.co.uk) prescribe according to the recommended dosage instructions proposed by the British National Formulary (BNF) and other supporting guidelines.

In order to guarantee that BNF guidelines are adhered to, if a client attempts to put in an order close to time of their previous order, it will be held with payment and discharged at the appropriate time.

On the off chance that we find out if a client has requested medication from both SQ Invest Ltd (www.mydoctornow.co.uk) and a different provider, we will either decrease or reject the request so that the total quantity a client will have will not exceed the maximum amount recommended by the BNF.

Clients are to use their own card to pay for an opioid and will be required to give evidence of their date of birth before another order is sent.

Only in special circumstances, may clients use another person’s card to pay for a z-medicine. They will however be required to give confirmation of their date of birth and place of residence before their order can be dispatched.

SQ Invest Ltd (www.mydoctornow.co.uk) are cautious when prescribing for younger clients i.e.under 25, since it is less common for people around this age to have a condition which will require z-drugs.

For patients 21 and under, consent will be asked for from their GP before we can supply z-medications to them.

The charging address for the card ought to be the same as the delivery address. In occasional cases, a work or holiday address might be used, however, verification might be required.

In the event that many individuals ask for opioids from the same address or nearby, these requests are probably going to be rejected.

As a dependable supplier of prescription medicines, SQ Invest Ltd (www.mydoctornow.co.uk) will take all necessary measures to guarantee that individuals requesting opioids drugs are using them in a proper way. Opioid drugs can be dangerous if used inappropriately and this policy is in place to prevent misuse.